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A/V Productions is a comprehensive multimedia company, focusing on professional audio recording and production for musicians and filmmakers, complete with a fully functional, modern, and efficient recording studio in Clearwater, Florida!



A/V Productions is equipped with everything necessary to produce audio of the highest quality. Operating ProTools 11 through  the brand new Mac Pro, connected to Motu interfaces, a Mackie mixer and all excellent performance microphones, our studio is ready to record, mix, and master any audio project.  We can  confidently assure to produce professional prestine quality recordings for any and all needs!



Our studio is capable and ready to produce all of your film audio needs! From Additional Dialogue Recording, to live sound effect recording, audio mixing and mastering, premium digital sound effects, and even original scoring, A/V Productions can provide any film project with the highest quality of audio you can imagine.  Our patient engineers will work with you to create a perfect audio match for your creative vision!



Video production is another passion of A/V Productions.  With professional camera equipment, lighting, and high quality recording equipment, our production company can capture any creative or memorable moment in amazingly high definition.  Video editing and audio mastering can all be achieved to perfection using Final Cut Pro and our advanced and professional audio equipment.  From short films, music videos,  special events, all the way to feature films, A/V Productions is ready!

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