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Beautiful Live Room!

State-of-the-Art Recording Equipment

Owner and operator Alex Vincent, is a producer, sound engineer, writer, and actor with over 25 years experience in the entertainment field.  Since his well known role as "Andy" in the Child's Play films, Alex has continued to cultivate his creativity through numerous projects, spanning several avenues of entertainment.  In 2009, Alex graduated in the top of his class, receiving a degree in Recording Arts, along with multiple honors and awards from Full Sail University. Alex has an intense passion for music, film, and expression of creative thought that drives him to produce content of the absolute best quality possible.  As the owner of A/V Productions, Alex promises to provide every project with his utmost consideration, patience, and respect for the artist!


Our recording studio operates a 32 channel, 8 bus Mackie analog mixer, "capable of sound quality equal to or better than that of $100,000 consoles". Equipped with premium Mackie preamps, fully parametric EQ's, and extensive routing capabilites, our board produces the purest and cleanest mix you can imagine, available in both stereo and 5.1 Surround! 
A/V Productions utilizes a wide variety of high quality studio standard microphones, allowing us to use the perfect mic for any recording situation.  
These microphones include:
The AKG C414 XL II, The Seinheiser MD421, CAD M179'S,
and Shure models including:
The KSM32, SM7B, 55SH, 52, 57'S, AND 58'S
In addition to a slew of effects pedals, the recording studio is equipped with outboard effects processors designed to make you sound your absolute best!
Our outboard gear consists of high quality preamps, compressors, EQ's, and dynamic and time based processors by brands such as Lexicon, DBX, Presonus, and Alesis.  
A/V Productions is equipped to capture video in the highest quality 1080p High Definition, using a Canon 5D Mark ii.  The vivid image captured by this camera is highly respected for its realism and clarity.  Along with professional lighting, microphones, and highly capable video editing software, A/V Productions is prepared to produce any video project to the highest standards of quality and commitment to the artists vision.  Not to mention 5.1 Surround Mixing Capabilities!
The brand new Mac Pro tower operates as the technological brains of the studio and production company.  Armed with the latest version of Pro Tools, Logic, Final Cut Pro, and absolutely packed with virtual instruments, effects, and plugins, this computer is ready to handle any audio or video project!  Utilizing Motu interfaces and preamps, the Mackie 32x8 console, and a variety of outboard effects, the studio is geared up and ready to produce!

A/V Productions recording studio is a beautiful recording space, complete with a soundproofed, acoustically cut live room, a modern and efficient engineer's room,  and the perfect vibe for creativity!

The studio is equipped with the latest Hardware and Software, including the newest Mac Pro, high end Motu Interfaces, premium preamps, and some of the best microphones available. Utilizing an analog console, complete with vintage amplifiers, the sound at A/V Productions is clean, pure, and pristine!  If effects are what you need, we are equipped with a wide variety of effects pedals, software, and outboard gear!


With experience in audio recording and mixing, photography, as well as video production and editing, The Recording Studio at A/V Productions is aptly equipped to offer a thorough and comprehensive service, capable of producing a masterful finished product for any of your production needs!


In your studio down time, relax in our comfortable green room! Throw an old 45 onto our vintage styled record player and chill with some great tunes, or sit back and play some original nintendo!  

Professional Engineers


While the majority of musicians are already in love with their own instruments, our recording studio can provide a variety of instruments to assist with production.  The studio is equipped

with an Eastwood Airline guitar, a Dean EVO Noir,

An Epiphone EJ-200 Acoustic/Electric, as well as

a Yamaha keyboard with midi capabilities, a Korg

Microsynth, and a Mashine MK2 Drum Machine.

Our current amps include a Vintage 70's Fender

twin reverb, a Vox AC-15vr, and a Line 6 LD150

bass amp.  In addition we have a wide variety of

percussion instruments to add all the extras you

could hope for!

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