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In addition to superb recording quality, A/V Productions also offers original music production for your project!  Whether you are in need of cinematic scoring for your film,  instrumental accompaniment for your track, or even a jingle for your advertisement, our studio is ready to produce.  Utilizing an array of software instruments, synthesisers, and drum sequencers, along with collaboration from several talented local musicians, A/V Productions can provide the perfect sound to match your creative ideas!


The beautiful live room at A/V Productions Recording Studio is the perfect setting for professional and efficient recording.  From high quality studio standard microphones, to the latest software and effects processors, A/V Productions offers a fantastic quality of sound mixed and mastered to perfection!  Complete with vintage amplifiers, an analog mixing console, and a really cool vibe; our recording studio provides an ideal atmosphere for creativity, and is equipped to capture every second in the highest of quality!  *5.1 Surround Sound Mixing available!



A/V Productions takes a different approach from conventional studios when it comes to rates for recording and production. While other studios charge hourly, putting pressure on the artists to rush creativity, A/V Productions rates are project based, competitive, and absolutely affordable!  No need to rush!  


Not only does A/V Productions provide fantastic quality audio, we are also fully equipped and prepared to service any video production needs!  Shot in superior quality HD and edited with the latest video editing software,  A/V Productions can turn any event or creative idea into the final project you envision!  From music videos and short films to weddings, sporting events, and any other video production, our studio can accommodate any project!  We've got the lights, we've got the camera...and we're ready for action!

REHEARSAL SPACE:  $15/hourly $20/hourly for recorded rehearsal

​Although all projects recorded and produced by A/V Productions involve affordable, project based rates, the live room is also available for Rehearsal space for any local bands, solo acts, or other creative artists.  Enjoy the superb acoustics, the spacious room, and the creative atmosphere!  Use our vintage amps and instruments, and relax in the comfort of our green room! For $20 an hour we will set up mics so you leave with a recorded file of your rehearsal!


Contact us to schedule Rehearsal time!

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